WiFi Security Camera for Your Highest Level of Protection

If you cannot be physically present for keeping an eye on your home, vacation or business property, the next big thing in the world of security devices is the state of the art digital security camera that can stream the real time video to your preferred networked device.

Unlike the conventional security cameras, the network, Cloud or WiFi security cameras will not require the closed circuit TV or CCTV system and the special cabling for it to work. What happens instead is that they will connect to the existing network of your home through WIFi or Ethernet, like a tablet or laptop. The moment it has been connected, it will stream the live video that you can access from the connected computer. Those systems that are most flexible will even allow you to view the feeds through the web browser, tablet or smartphone that make them ideal for an on the go viewing.

The WiFi cameras are the ideal solution for the homeowners, business owners, parents, pet owners as well as anyone who have something to monitor or watch. In order to help you in sorting through the options, this short guide will offer you with several quick suggestions and many other useful information regarding the primary features that you have to look for in your next WiFi camera.

WiFi Camera for Every Need

An average homeowner will need the most reliable monitoring that will not cost you an arm and leg while the business owners might be more interested in better integration and functionality with the existing security systems. The network cameras belong to two classes that correspond to all of these users.

Entry Level Camera

The entry level cameras are very affordable and small that make them great for the homeowners. Developed to offer easy set up and remarkable ease of use, these cameras can be connected to the wireless home network at a mere push of the button. Some of its key features include the following:

  • Wireless capacity and a compact size to offer placement and installation flexibility
  • Ability in checking the camera feeds from web browser, Android device or iPhone
  • Low cost which means that you can buy enough number of cameras for covering multiple areas

Professional Level Cameras

Cameras of this kind tend to be more expensive as compared to the entry level cameras. But, this additional investment can pay off with the upgraded features which can make it even more possible for you to integrate the camera with dedicated sensor and alarm systems. Its primary features are the following:

  • Wireless or wired connectivity
  • Designed for a permanent installation with rugged and durable housing
  • Outputs for the access control and alarm systems

Important Features to Watch Out For

One of the first things that you have to remember is that not all cameras are working in the same way or offering the same level of capabilities. Here, you will look at some of the essential features that you have to look for and what these mean to you.

WiFi Connectivity

There are cameras that support WiFi or wireless and there are also those that will need some form of wired connection. The WiFi security cameras can give you the flexibility of keeping an eye on those areas that might be too difficult to reach when you use a wired model. But there will also be cases when the wired connection is going to be more reliable but this will depend on the construction of the building and the location of the router. In this case, what will be the better option then? It will actually depend on your needs but the WiFi cameras can give you a hassle free performance that makes them worthy of your money.

Web Access

There are also cameras that will require software in order to access the output of the camera and only the computers which have this particular software installed will be the ones that can be used for viewing the feed. Some other cameras can provide more flexibility and can also be viewed with the use of a web browser which means that you can remotely or locally check the cameras from any connected computer.

Mobile Access

If you want a great mobile viewing, you will surely want to get a camera that will allow you to check a live feed directly from your smartphone or tablet. This way, no matter where you are, you can still keep close tab on your property so you can be sure that your investments will remain protected.

Improved Motion Detection

In order to have more reliable motion detection night and day, there are some WiFi security cameras that come with a feature PIR or passive infrared sensors that make use of the changes in heat to detect any movement instead of the usual visual cues. It is a wonderful device to be used for night monitoring that can be a wonderful alternative to the standard camera that cannot detect motion because of low light conditions.

Motion Sensing

In case you will only want to record the footage when there is detected motion, you will be able to save some disk space and know the exact footage that you will need to view. If you have plans of recording the footage, you can choose a camera that can make it easier to set the motion triggers and specify the schedules of recording so that you will record the exact things that you want to record directly to your own PC.

Night Vision

There are several network cameras which can illuminate low light or even no light areas with the infrared lighting for you clearly see what is taking place night and day. The infrared lighting cannot be seen by the naked human eye but this gives the camera a clear view even amidst a complete darkness.

IR-Cut Filter for the Highest Quality of Color

In order to get the finest color representation during the day, you have to look for a WiFi security camera that comes with an infrared cut off filter or the IR cut filter. The network cameras will be able to see more of the spectrum of color than the naked eye, especially close to the infrared region that can usually result to a skewed or strange color representation. The IR cut filter can work through filtering the infrared light for the colors to appear even more realistic.

Sound Detection

If you would like to keep an eye on your loved ones or your home while you are away on a vacation, the sound detection feature is a great addition to the traditional motion detection feature. Complete with the automatic email alerts as well as the ability of configuring the sound detection for a certain area, the cameras that have this feature will let you stay always a step ahead.

Slot for MicroSD Card for Local Recording

There are times when you will need to have the ability of recording footage aside from being able to view a live stream. Aside from being able to record to a storage device or PC, a seamless user can be guaranteed by the microSD card slot that will let you record directly to the microSD card and check the footage wherever you are.

Built-in Wireless Extender

To make sure that you can still put your camera where you need to with no need for you to go outside the range of your wireless network, you can also look for WiFi security cameras that have a built in WiFi extender. You just have to put the camera anywhere in your signal range to automatically increase the coverage of your wireless network in your home and easily add several other cameras to the network.

At the end of the day, the security and safety not only of your property but your loved ones more importantly should always be your number one priority. With the advent of the different security devices and better technologies for safety, it is always a must that you search for the best option that can deliver you with the highest level of service while ensuring that everything that you value will remain safe and protected at all times. The WiFi security cameras for homes and businesses are now among the latest ways to see to it that everything will stay secure even if you are not there to personally monitor them.


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